Monday, April 17, 2017

Visual Analysis of Postmodern Mixed Media

My quote which inspired my piece was "Americans may have no identity, but they do have wonderful teeth." With this quote, I knew I wanted to play on straight and crooked teeth. I placed teeth on a set of four monkeys. Similarly, I placed teeth with different eyes, to create a weird feeling. With the different eyes fit with teeth that did not belong to them, it gave a creepy feel. I also placed the chattering teeth going from biggest to smallest on the bottom right corner. My photos from photoshop are arranged in a spiral. The color scheme of my photos is mostly red, so I went with a water-like blue background to separate the colors.

To me, this quote was very sarcastic and funny. I wanted to play up on the irony. I had the same four monkeys placed together with different types of teeth to show that most Americans try to look all the same, but their teeth give their class away. By placing each photo in such a random array, it helped to convey the image of how silly the idea of having no personality but nice teeth is. The chattering teeth on the bottom right symbolizes Americans who all want to look the same. My overall idea of this piece was to convey similarities and different that exist within Americans while most still try to be the same.

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