Monday, April 17, 2017

Light City

On Tuesday, April 4th Loyola's art students put on a Light City, similar to the one in the Inner Harbor.  I walked around campus and admired the cool lights set up on buildings like Sellinger and the library.

McManus theater also had a cool station where someone could write something with a light and if a photo was taken at the right time, you can see what was written. It was pretty cool! McManus theater also had a cool display on the stage with different lights and pictures.

Outside of the Humanities building, there was a huge lit-up Loyola L. The lights frequently changed. Similarly, in the hallway, there was a small Loyola sign that also had changing colored letters. It was interesting to see the two different types of mediums with the similar colorings. I also heard that it was once possible to play Pac-Man on the Loyola sign in the hallway. Overall, I thought it was very cool to see the Light City tradition brought to the Loyola campus!

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