Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Julio Fine Arts Gallery- 1/20/17

On Friday, January 20th I visited Loyola's art gallery. I was astounded by all of the talent right here at Loyola! 

One of the first pieces that caught my eye was a piece that looked like a solar system that was not only on the wall,  but spewed onto the floor as well. Each planet was delicately picked from different patterns and pictures. All together, it looked like a colorful solar system, but taking a closer look, you can tell how vastly different each picture is. There are two different ideas/feelings one can get from this piece depending on how close one examines each piece.

The next piece of art that I found fascinating was a series of different photos with colorful string coming from each piece. This piece is called "Thread for Thought" by Elena Damon, and I think that name fits perfectly with what was executed. My favorite part of the piece is that the photos are in black and white but the string is all different colors. Just like regular students we see everyday, they could look at ease, while having so many things going through their minds, like the colorful string beaming from their eyes. I would have never though to look at a photo like that and I am glad I could gain a new perspective from this piece.

Overall, I am very impressed with the art I saw at the gallery on Friday. Seeing the way other students around me perceive the world, or even just Loyola, gives me a whole new perspective on how to interpret others.

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