Saturday, January 28, 2017

Baltimore Museum of Art- 1/26/17

On Thursday, January 26th we took a field trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art! I saw a plethora of art dating from as early as the 1800s to as recent as 2013. I was pleasantly surprised by how well art from different centuries could work together all in the same space.

One of the first pieces to catch my eye was Washerwoman by Pierre- Auguste Renoir.

This painting intrigued me because of the multitude of colors which did not overshadow one another. There were very obvious strokes which seemed to blend together the further from the painting you got. The strokes are very obvious and mostly head in a vertical direction, but the more detailed, the more curves there are in the strokes. I can see the movement in this picture through the effortless brushstrokes.

The next painting that I noticed was Peonies by Odilon Redon. It's a very simple piece with a lot of detail. The piece feature three flowers delicately placed in a vase. The contrast between the flowers, vase, and background is noticeable, but the colors still blend together nicely. The background is not one flat color but you can tell that there is a shadow at the bottom by the darker brown. I not only enjoy the simplicity of this painting but the multitude of colors that went into creating depth in this image. The background is not one flat color but a multitude of browns, greens, blues, and yellows which creates a type of depth which cannot be created using just one color. Overall, this was one of my favorite pieces of art at the museum.

My favorite piece was A Pair of Boots by Vincent Van Gogh.


This painting was done in the late 1800s. When I saw it I was immediately intrigued by the immense talent Van Gogh had. Although this piece is not as great or well known as the Mona Lisa, it is still executed very well. What draws me to this painting is the use of dark and light. The sole of the shoe is a light brown while the rest of the shoe is a dark brown, similarly, the background is a dark navy. This painting almost brings you to another world because you begin to question who's shoes they are, or where were they going in those shoes. To me this painting is much more than a pair of boots because it's like a snap shot of an untold story.

I really enjoyed the different types of pieces that the Baltimore Museum of Art had to offer. Although they were a multitude of different mediums of techniques, they all flowed together in one museum because they are all deemed as art. Even though each piece has a different feeling and meaning, I feel like all of the pieces went together well.

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